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Why Todayโ€™s Housing Inventory Shows a Crash Isnโ€™t on the Horizon

You might remember the housing crash in 2008, even if you didn’tย own a homeย at the time. If youโ€™re worried thereโ€™s going to be a repeat of what happened back then, there’s good news โ€“ the housing market now is different from 2008. One important reason is there aren’t enoughย homes for sale. That means thereโ€™s an […]

The Return of Normal Seasonality for Home Price Appreciation

If youโ€™re thinking ofย making a move, one of the biggest questions you have right now is probably:ย whatโ€™s happening withย home prices?ย Despite what you may be hearing in the news, nationally, home prices arenโ€™t falling. Itโ€™s just thatย price growthย is beginning to normalize. Hereโ€™s the context you need to really understand that trend. In theย housing market, there are […]

Beginning with Pre-Approval

If youโ€™re looking to buy a home this fall, there are a few things you need to know. Affordability is tight with todayโ€™sย mortgage ratesย and risingย home prices. At the same time, thereโ€™s aย limited number of homesย on the market right now and thatโ€™s creating some competition among buyers. But, if youโ€™re strategic, there are ways to navigate […]