Take Action: Heartbleed Bug

Act Now!

Whether you've heard about the Heartbleed bug or not ... YOU have ACTIONS you need to take, everybody does (unless you live in a world without Internet - but then you wouldn't be reading … [Read more...]

I Love, Love, LOVE Graphics Packs!


Do you know what a graphics pack is? Well, let me tell ya …. It’s where you buy a pack of graphics to either use directly or use to create other images to get the ideas across on your site or … [Read more...]

Do You Have Your Computer Backup Plan?

My Backup Products and Services: Good Sync, Drop Box, Crash Plan Pro, Backup Buddy, and Backup Buddy Stash

In honor of World Backup Day, which was yesterday … do you have your computer backup plan in place? If you do, have you reviewed your systems lately to make sure each one still meets your needs and … [Read more...]

Celebrating Imperfection

Highway sign "Imperfection"

Today my post is on a more personal level. Starting today I have decided to accept my imperfection! I grew up with a couple sayings around my house "If you can't do something right, don't do it at … [Read more...]