Spice Up Your Steps in Microsoft Word

Spice up Your Steps with Microsoft Word

One of my clients asked about creating a cheat sheet and using SmartArt in Microsoft Word to make process steps more visually appealing. Although, I think SmartArt is VERY COOL, it has it's place and … [Read more...]

Move the Dropbox Folder

Dropbox Location (showing inside of My Documents folder)

You're probably thinking .... "hmmm, didn't know you could move the Dropbox folder" OR perhaps, "why would you want to move it?" I moved the Dropbox folder because when I first started using … [Read more...]

Creating Toggl Bookmarks for Clients

Sample of a Toggl Bookmarked Report

My wonderful friend, Anastacia Brice, posted an article last week (in Virtual Moxie) titled Clients are 100% Responsible for Their Retainer Hours and although I do agree with her, I struggle with the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office Usage Survey Results 2014

Microsoft Products Used: Excel 27%, Outlook 23% PowerPoint 18%, Word 27%, and Access 5%

Wanted to share the results of the surveys over the last 2 weeks. :-) I only got two responses on the backup systems so it sounds like most everyone has their backup systems under control, … [Read more...]